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If you are looking for extra bounce and power when doing vault training, you need the EvoPod. The EvoPod reduces the strain on upper body joints, allowing coaches to improve, develop and perfect the skills of their gymnasts with fewer injuries.

Key Features

  • A 7cm thick inflatable bladder
  • A protective cover
  • Non-slip material on the base
  • Soft suede top with markings
  • 2 x webbing straps
  • A hand pump for inflation
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The EvoPod fits perfectly on top of a new style vaulting table and can also be used as a separate piece of gear on mats and sprung floors to provide extra power for round offs, tucks and punch front somersaults.

By coupling the EvoPod with a micro ramp you can easily create an adjustable take off station for vaulting.

The EvoPod measures 120cm long x 90cm wide x 7cm deep and has traps and handles on the base ensure a tight and secure fit when strapped to a vault table.