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Top Tumbler

The Top Tumbler combines two essential pieces of gym kit into one. Firstly, it can be used for teaching and spotting handsprings in order to ensure the best technique. On top of that, the sturdy base can lock the Tumbler in place making a perfect Jr Vault, saving you money and space.

Key Features

  • 96cm tall
  • 75cm wide
  • 90 cm long (when Tumbler is in Base).
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The Top Tumblers innovative design means it will only roll backward when the gymnast is applying the correct technique, keeping their arms back and straight with their back arched. Then, when the gymnast push through the legs, the Tumbler rolls them in the correct position, building good postural habits.

The unique design was made with coaches and trainers in mind, allowing them to spot without having to support much weight. This means fewer injuries to coaches and gymnasts, and progress less time tied up with students, as they can use the Tumbler on their own, freeing up coaching time.

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