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The Easy Lift Volleyball System

The Easy Lift Volleyball System is simply the best volleyball system on the market. Every element has been carefully designed to ensure our nets comply with industry requirements, are easy to use, quickly adjustable and importantly are safe for stadium staff to set up.

Key Features

  • Gas Powered Posts (adjust with pull of a pin)
  • Fits All Court Sizes
  • Auto Brake Winch
  • Full Set Up in Under 3min!
  • Adjust Net Height in Seconds!
  • Looks Great
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Ezy Lift Volleyball System -The Key Feature
The Ezy Lift Volleyball System can be adjusted to the key net heights with the pull of a pin!
– No tools required
– No heavy lifting required
– Safe and Easy to use
Have a look at the videos below and we will show you just how good the Ezy Lift Volleyball System is.

At SMS OZ we pride ourselves on talking to stadium professionals to find out how they use equipment (set it up, pack it up, store it), what features they need in the equipment, what industry/sport requirements there are, and what potential OHS concerns they have with various equipment. Then we design our equipment with all these aspects in mind and produce the best standard equipment on the market at extremely competitive prices.

Ezy Lift Volleyball System - Key Details
Height Adjustment
The posts are gas powered so they can be adjusted with the pull of a pin (shown in the video above). The heights are preset for:
- Men (2430mm)
- Under 17 Boys (2350mm)
- Women (2240mm)
- Under 17 Girls (2150mm)
- Mini (2000mm)

Net Boundary Markers
Sock style system where the net antenna slides in securely so it cannot be knocked out during competition.
Secures to the net without causing any damage to the net.
When packing up the net the holder can stay on with the antenna simply sliding out.

Fits All Court Sizes
The Ezy Lift Volleyball System fits all court sizes regardless of the distance between the post sockets and the court boundary.