Maintenance Services

Based in Victoria, SMS Australia is quietly building a reputation for designing and supplying equipment that sets a new benchmark in quality and innovation.

SMS (sports maintenance services) was initially started to provide sports stadiums and schools with a company that could service and repair all of their sports equipment.

It soon became apparent that the majority of venues were using equipment that was not up to scratch. Both in quality and safety. So we set out to design our own. Equipment that would be market leading.

All of our products are designed with the same set of criteria.

Safety first, we pride ourselves with supplying the safest equipment in australia, this is achieved by keeping up to date with national and international engineering specifications.
Quality materials, we do not cut corners when choosing materials and/or suppliers. Wherever possible we use materials made in Australia.

Ease of use, from volleyball posts that adjust height by simply pulling a pin, netball poles that locate themselves, floor sockets that don’t need cleaning out.

Majority of the new stadiums being built around Australia today are multi sport venues. We can supply everything from the floor sockets to the dividing curtains.

With Our badminton posts, you do not need to tie the net. This saves time setting up, gives a constant net tension an also extends the life of you nets. They are light, strong, look great an easy to use.

Our netball posts are as light as we could make them whilst still complying with regulations, sold ring and they are self locating. They simply drop into the socket and will point in the right direction every time, no need for a locating pin on the back.

We are very proud of our volleyball posts. We spent years trying to make them lighter only to find that lighter aluminium poles simply do not last. So we did the next best thing and that was to make them easier and safer to adjust.

Simply pull the pin and use the cleverly marked stickers to change heights.

The posts are part of a volleyball system, posts, net, padding and trolley. If you need to set up for volleyball, simply drag out the deployment trolley that contains everything you need. No going back and forth to the storeroom. This saves time, frustration and helps keep our equipment in top condition,

If you have a scoreboard chances are you will need a scorers bench. A sturdy full metal frame, fully padded, east roll wheels, with or without built in seating.
Our benches look great, will last a lifetime and with the built in seating provides the perfect spot to score the game. No need to make you own, we have done all the hard work for you, the wheels will not mark you floors, your scorers will have a great view of the game and if you want to move the bench you can just undo the brake and easily push it to another part of the stadium.

Score benches can be custom made to suit you require, different sizes, colours and even electrical components built in.

If you have more than one court, especially if you also have indoor soccer, then you will need a dividing curtain. Ideally a lift up curtain. But if the budget is tight then a draw curtain can be installed.

Lift up curtains drop down when you need them with a simply push of a button and then lift up into the roof when you no longer have to divide the area. We use the best electric winch available, it is virtually silent, easy to use and we have found it to be indestructible this will save you money on servicing in the long term.
SMS curtains look great, made to order to suit your colours and size. Very short turn round time, installation is quick and easy. Even though a dividing curtain is a major piece of equipment, the whole process is simply and stress free for you. We can complete the whole job within a few weeks, not months.

Over the last few years there has been a increase in companies supplying safety padding. Unfortunately most of the products available are more of a visual deterant than piece of safety equipment. It is all in the foam you use. Our padding is custom made to suit your application and you can rest assured it offers the best impact absorption available.
It is not designed to stop bruises, it is there to stop serious injuries.
Whilst the main priority is safety, it will also greatly enhance the look and feel of your venue.

Once again we offer a very quick turn around time on all our safety padding, with many items kept as standard in stock.

Simply put, you will not find another Australian sports equipment supplier with more knowledge and passion than SMS Australia.

We strive to be the best and we want to keep our sports stars of today and tomorrow competing at the very top.